Travels, running, travels, running and more travels (589K to go):


chilling at Fossar de les Moreres

It has indeed been a while and while you may not have seen me posting or updating my blog with new content, then I have indeed been running and travelling a fair bit, adding another couple of European cities to my barefoot experience. Barcelona and Madrid to be specific, two amazing places.


The burden of weekend break aways

I have of course been doing a load of other stuff too, stuff you normally do when you are travelling (for business and for pleasure) or just busy and forced to leave your online life behind for a bit. I am however getting ahead of myself 🙂

Madrid was all business and those of you familiar with business travel know how little of the often perceived glamour associated with it holds true in real life.

I did manage to break away on 3 short runs of around 5-6K while there and the part of Madrid I ran seemed very barefoot friendly, some of the smaller parks had a few nasty section with some sharp rocks in the gravel, but no glass or other foot dangerous litter in the streets I saw.The only thing to look out for is the temperature of the running surface, some of the pavement was boiling in the afternoon. These runs aside, I did not see much more than conference rooms and dinner meetings, save for a long and relaxed walk in central Madrid the last evening. I was wonderful to revisit parts of the city, even if only for a couple of hours 🙂


Barcelona Beach

From here I went by train to Barcelona and let it be said, the spanish train service rock! I do not think I would even want to fly between Madrid and Barcelona again, it was that much more hassle free and relaxed.

After check in I had the time for an absolutely Gorgeous 8K fully barefoot run in El Born, via La Barceloneta, through Barri Gotic and back.

Great mix of a wide variety of surfaces, from smooth polished flagstone, over multiple pavement varieties, cobblestones, wooden walkways and I saw only one piece of tiny glass on the entire run – simply Amazing 🙂

Later in the week I did a 14K  barefoot style run from Plaza Europa, up to the Montjuïc Castle and home via Plaza Drassanes and Plaza Espana.

The part up to the castle and back down were the fun part really and doing a lap up there if you are running in barcelona is well worth it I think 🙂


Barefoot sightseeing

Third Run was a quick 6K moning barefooter from plaza Europa to Plaza Espana and back.

The liberation of running barefoot was amazing, I did get more than an average amount of weird looks as I zoomed through the morning traffic of people and the guy in the Lobby seemed unsure if he wanted to allow this barefooted weirdo access. but my roomkey solved that quickly enough 🙂

In addition to the running I did a lot of the general sightseeing and weekend break wiht my girlfriend barefooted and Barcelona really is a safe place to do so, at least I saw little to no glass or other hazards anywhere.

So overall some very pleasurable days . the running was from a technically point of view uneventful.

Style seems to be coming very well together and the last session with my running coach seems to confirm that I am doing fairly well (at least when he is around :))


Run sightseeing is a concept I am really warming up to again and the barefoot aspect really adds to the getting “connected” with where you are feeling for me.

So Stay tuned for more and thanks for reading 🙂