A spring 5K and 100K status (900K to go):

W001Copenhagen have had some AMAZING weather today.

Warm and sunny, with only a touch of wind and that just became too much for me. When readying for my friday 5K, I looked outside, looked at my VFF seeyas, looked outside again and decide to go completely barefoot 🙂

There is just something to being able to feel the minute changes in structure from running on different kinds of pavement, whether the flagstones are smooth or rough and the totally smooth surface of the cobbled sections (I just love running barefoot on cobbled streets :)).

The ability to really feel every twig and pebble under your feet. the difference in temperature between shaded and sunny sections.

Ohh not to forget the fact that you really are near silent when running barefoot. Gentle warnings takes away the scare factor when passing people form behind of it though

The weird look on other peoples faces and odd comments from them, takes a little getting used to though. But I guess running barefoot begs for comments like “he must be stupid”, which was one of the more pleasant comments from today 🙂

Okay I could have been without the sensation of running on the occasional patch of road salted pavement (that sh*t hurts to run on), but still… 🙂

5K is about the limit of what I can run completely barefoot without hurting my feet. The ground is cold still and my running style is still very dependant on the sensory feedback from my soles, so running any longer completely barefoot will require more work on my running style.

Pace was a very leisurely and comfy 5:40 average and cadence a perfect 190 SPM average. One of the upsides to running completely barefoot is that any technical deficiencies in my running style is almost auto corrected (the sensory feedback from anything but ideal running style is merciless) and it just feels so amazingly free and effortless to run completely barefoot and as mentioned in my last run report I had gotten a bit sloppy in style. Well today things felt absolutely right again.


Now getting back in I had a good look at my feet and yes I know they are not pretty in the picture, what really stand out is old blister though.

I knew I had two smallish blisters forming (not visible in the picture) from not sidestepping a pebble, I misjudged the size a bit, but that aside no harm at all. Yes the skin on the ball of my feet feels like it has been hammered and will likely stay sore for a day or two. They did need a good wash and rub down afterwords though 🙂

Running on road salted roads is a dangerous game though. Road salt can really mess up the skin on your feet fast, so be careful if running barefoot during winter in areas where road salt is used.

The 100K evaluation:

With the run today I have passed the first 100K as a full time barefoot style runner, 4½ weeks have passed in that period and today’s run was a hard reminder of that running completely barefoot on a regular basis is important for me and for me to continue my development of a good running style.

My five fingers will remain a very valuable training and running tool, especially for my trail and off trail runs, not to mention my running in Greenland for another couple of months. But even something as minimal as the seeya includes an increased risk of not paying enough attention to my running style or falling into the TMTS trap.

My strength in my feet and calves are slowly building, but I really have to be careful not to fall into the TMTS trap. I think I am very prone to that. Because there is quite a long way back to the days where a 40K week is lazy running week.

That said there is no going back to running in the large heavy and unwieldy running shoes for me, this barefoot style running and the true barefoot bit in particular are highly addictive and I am so hooked:)