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NL13_wall_111Now my Name is Thomas obviously and equally obvious is it probably that I am finally making the transition from minimally shod runner to barefoot runner.

This blog is my running dairy, my thoughts on things running and occasionally on the gear used for it.

I have over time been involved in all kinds of sports, Artistic Gymnastics, Swimming, Floor ball, Fitness, climbing, snowboarding, hiking and now running too. Just to mention a few.

Below is my running story, I think it is important as a background to the diary or may be useful for those reading it, so here we go:

The first couple of years I ran on inspiration from what I still consider one of the most fascinating runners I have come across. 150cm tall, 45 kilos and simply able to run forever and make it look easy all the way.

From our first slows run together in the hills around Nuuk in 2009, it turned into to a marathon in 2010. The Polar Circle Marathon, which I dare say is one of the more interesting ones and a very tough first one. However I made it through in 4:28 something, a hair better than the 4:30 maximum time limit I had forced upon myself and it was a lot tougher than I ever imagined.

December 29th 2010 was not a good day for me, at least not back then but upon reflection, it was actually the day my journey towards barefoot running began for real. While climbing indoors I snapped a ligament and suffered a fracture to the malleolous on my left ankle. from here followed first a number of visits to the local surgeons and finally surgery completed by a specialist in Denmark. in February 2011. From here it was 6,5 weeks in cast and not weighting the foot at all (crutches in February in Nuuk, Greenland is of limited fun I dare say 🙂 ) . and then another six months of rehab, physio therapy with a top notch physiotherapist (Thanks Dorthe!) and finally a slow return to the gym and to running.

Before even starting to run, I decided that The polar Circle Marathon in October 2012 a year later would be my goal and this time in less than four hours, a fairly ambitious goal as there on good years are 10 runners below 4 hrs.

Running was impossible at first and yet I made all the mistakes in the world when setting out running again. It was clear that I could no longer run as I did before, my ankle would simply not allow it. Thus I started reading up on forefoot running, pose running and implementing what I thought was right. I got really sore and pushed way too hard resulting in a very badly sprained left ankle December 2011.

I went back however and started all over and this time I did it right and between January and October 2012 I ran 1100 kilometers in anything from tough off trail to roads, from the Alps to Greenland. All while slowly working my way into minimal shoes and to a more natural running style.

And on the big day in October 2012 I ran a letter perfect Polar Circle Marathon in the time 4:58:53 and finished as an overall number 5. Trivial to some, but huge for me personally. Even more so because I ran it in minimalist shoes (with some pretty heavy duty spikes attached).

Since October I have been pushing hard on my running style, practicing, reading, feeling, training, resting, thinking and in January 2013 I finally made the full transition to full time barefoot or barefoot style running. This blog is where I will put all my thoughts on my running and things related to it. both as a reminder for myself and perhaps it will even be useful to others looking to make the transition, either for fun or due to injuries.

As a closing though I should perhaps say that barefoot for me, means either barefoot as in no shoes at all or an ultra minimalist shoe. I will however mention exactly what I wear in my diary notes. This definition may or may not be like yours, but then you will know what I mean when saying it 🙂

I sincerely hope you will enjoy the read 🙂


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