A 6,5K and more shoe musings (531,5K to go):

Well following a very nice 10K, I had the opportunity to go running with my girlfriend.

It was a nice, casual 6,5K in the area around Ørestad.

Not being quite sure what to expect running on I snug into my seeyas before heading out and enjoyed a run where the focus was on being out running together. We even threw in quite a few sprint competitions along the way, soo good fun.

It does not make much sense to keep commenting on running style a lot. I feel my running style really have found a rhythm more than anything. From a “pure” pose point of view, I am slightly sloppy pulling my heels and with an average cadence of 190 a little to quick in my strides, but it is what works for me barefoot, in my seeyas I can go down to a slow 180 average, but it feels a little more clunky.

That said I really enjoy having found a solid shape and style, not to mention having build up the sole of my feet to run above 10K without problems at all, save for the occasional blister.

Something worth taking up with my coach when I see him in late September or at least getting his opinion on.

The Vivobarefoot Stealth

The Vivobarefoot Stealth

The Vivobarefoot Stealth:

I have earlier mention how dissatisfied I were with the vivobarefoot “one” both from a fit and durability point of view.

Well I took them back to fotkultur.se in Malmö to complain and I got a long explanation on how they had had heaps of complaints on the durability and that he would exchange my shoes for a pair of “Stealth” according to the sales guy a “fixed” version of the vivobarefoot one.

I went with a very nice yellow/greenish colour and just slipping my feet into the shoe told be all I needed to know.

A marked difference to the “one”, while the upper has more apparent structure it is way softer than before.

The toebox now seems wide enough to accommodate my fee and previous mentioned pressure points are gone.

The sole seems classic vivobarefoot, which means a reasonable ground feel, it is not a seeyas or el-x, but it is miles ahead of most shoes  and still quite a flexible sole. It has more than enough padding to make it a good everyday shoe.

I have worn the Stealth extensively as an everyday shoe, full days of travel and city walking, biking, etc. and while it still has a  bit of a durability issue, then it is a much more finished shoe and a pleasure to wear as a casual shoe.

I am not much into running in closed shoes, I can bear wearing my seeyas or spyridons, but prefer bare feet. however I am sure that the fit and ground feel will make it a very attractive minimalist running shoe.

4 thoughts on “A 6,5K and more shoe musings (531,5K to go):

  1. I like most Vivobarefoot shoes, a lot, but they have too many problems with quality control and durability. The most common problem seems to be the gluing of the uppers to the sole. They start separating after a short amount of time. I’ve seen this in several different pairs and models.
    They really need to step up and fix that!
    It can’t be that hard as most other shoe companies seem to manage.

    • Hi Mats,
      Totally agree with you.
      It is worth mentioning that the Ra and the Gobi have been perfect and without issues for more than a year, where as the more running related shoes as Stealth and One seems to be struggling with durability.
      Vivo however is not alone in this regard, Merrell and on a few occasions Vibram have had their issues too.
      Definitely something the minimalist shoe manufacturers have to work on.

  2. On my Gobies the rubber has started to separate from the leather in the front as well, but they have the additional thread stitching to hold it together, so it’s not as big of an issue, though still a bit disappointing.

    Has your Stealths started to fall apart as well?

    • My stealth has begun showing signs of the rubber separating from the upper, very minor still, but it is just a matter of time.
      My running coach is running in stealth and on his pair the rubber and upper has started separating already.
      Sad to hear about your Gobies, especially because mine really seem to hold together very well.
      You are right that it is disappointing and hopefully they will learn soon, as it is getting expensive to replace shoes every year, due to poor construction quality.

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