6,5K of wonderfull deep snow (878K to go):

Well the next 3 days should be with miserable weather why the decision to do a run home from work came very easy.

I suited up in a pair of VFF (the spyridon) and set up.

Already as I took the first steps I knew it would be a tough one today. Legs were dead tired and neither running style nor energy was anywhere to be found. So a tough run home it would be.

The first two kilometres made for plenty of wonderfully deep and soft snow. I spend a lot of time being in snow to well above my knees, making running an additional challenge. Tired legs and lack of energy did all the sudden not matter at all, running snow made me feel like a kid again 🙂

Then followed a few K of paved roads, or paved roads covered in snow and ice, but at least it made for a somewhat easier run on my legs and burning thighs.

I crossed the nordic skiing trail and decided to follow it home. I love the soft groomed nordic skiing trail snow when running, the sensory feedback from running it is nothing short of amazing, not to mention the soft sensation of have snow between your feet 🙂

I survided the last uphill kilometre on pure will, I know my running style was sloppy and that I did not have the energy to care. There is a chance though that my ankles will pay the price for me being sloppy.

I did not really care a lot about statistics on this race. but cadence was an OK’ish 190 SPM, so not bad in its own right. The 5:20 pace was not a total disaster either. so perhaps it was all down to how I felt and not quite as bad as I wanted it to be.

the condition of my ankles tomorrow will tell 🙂

Time for me to concluded this not very motivational  post.

Thanks for reading

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