A milestone – the barefoot 12K (960K to go):

Friday in Copenhagen and the weather was amazing, big white snowflakes were falling densly, a light wind was blowing and the temperature was around freezing.

Perfect day for a run and time for the biggest challenge in my two week barefoot career – the dreaded 10K test.
It may sound amusing when someone with a couple of marathons of the more interesting kind and an average running lengths of 15K per run says that, but truth is that I am only two weeks down the barefoot path and I want to get it right this time around, no mistakes and no injuries.
I slipped into my five fingers, decided to go with the minimal ones, not the waterproof trail ones (which turned out to be a mistake). Four steps into my run my feets was soaked, the combination of wet snow, lots of road salt and a temperature just around freezing made for a anywhere from 1-10 centimeters of slush, rather than snow. Which in turn made for some seriously cold feet.

Pace, cadence and running style though felt really good from the beginning and I had to keep my self from sliding back into my usual shoed pace, as that would kill my feets and probably prevent me from reaching my 10K goal.
3K and everything still looked great, feelt comfortable and at ease with my running.
Passed the 5K mark with the same feeling and decided to add two bonus kilometres to the route.
The 8K mark came up and I was feeling great and confident.
At the 9K mark things started to get difficult, the last two kilomteres of a mix of packed snow and water puddles was taking its toll on my feet and they started to feel numb.
At the 10K mark I regretted addign the extra 2K, but nothing to do, but to push on towards home. Feet felt numb with lack of ground feel as a result and my running tech falling slightly apart.
At 10,5K I came back onto paved roads again, nearly instantly my feet started to gain ground feel again and I felt OK again, save for some really tired feet.

1 hour and 2 minutes and 12K later I was back and started my stretching rutine.
Feets were very wet and tired, no blisters or other things indicating bad running style though. The average cadence was a very steady 195 steps per minute too. So overall a very nice mixed surface run.
I am however going to stick to the 7-10K distance for a few more weeks before running another 12K. That is the plan anyway ūüôā

8 flat barefoot kilometres (972K to go):

In Copenhagen again and back in a warmer climate, still below freezing temperature wise though, but not as cold as the weather looks, which is good news.

Copenhagen seemed the perfect place to test my urban barefoot skills, I did strap into a pair fo fivefingers though, as I knew there would be gravel sections on my run.

What Copenhagen lack in hills, it certainly gains in amount of people in the streets, bikes, cars, other runners, strollers, broken glass, cobbled roads, stairs, gravel walking paths and puddles of cold water ūüôā

A perfect acceptable mix of unpredicable ellements and it was interesting to see how it impacted the barefoot running experience.

I ran a 5:10 average 8K, building up from a 5:30 pace on the first kilometre to 4:40 pace on the last 2K to test how increasing the pace would impact running style, heart rate, cadence and all.

Conclusion is that somewhere around a 4:50 pace my running style falls apart and I begin to push off too heavily with my toes and I suspect that continuing at a higher pace would lake result in cramps in the muscles on the front of my shins and lower calfs. 

Overall the run was good though. I did not feel anything to the mid foot tiredness I felt on the first ocuple of runs and my running style seemed to be a bit more dialed in, foot placement relative to center of gravity and angle of foot placement is such a delicate balance, but I am improving rapidly I think.

The eye to foot cordination was a little difficult on a couple of sections, as there was nearly no light, resulting in very wet feet as I ran through a deep puddle of water.

People, bikes, cars and all the other urban obstacles turned out to be quite fun, manged not to scare anyone to much too ūüôā

Heartrate is back to normal and cadence has now stabilised around the 195 step pr. minute average, which is a lot faster than the traditional heel strike running pace and around 15 steps pr. minute faster than when I run in minimal shoes.

Overall a very positive 4th barefoot run ūüôā