A 12K – and with other people (905K to go):

Back in Copenhagen again, which is a hello to warmer temperatures (around 0C) and everything else that comes with an urban environment. Paved roads, park trails with lots of slush and wet snow, pedestrians, heaps of bikes, cars, traffic lights, dogs, strollers, etc. All thins I am not super keen on when running. I prefer the near solitude of Greenland to be honest.

The warmer temperatures was an upside though, but thanks to the massive amount of road salt used in Copenhagen, stripping off the fiverfingers totally was not an option, but I could strap into my minimalistic seeyas (perhaps my favourite five fingers), so not as bad as it could have been. The seeyas are as close to barefoot as I can think of it, not as being barefoot in terms of ground feel, but surprisingly close and the upper is soft enough that you basically forget about them after a few minutes of running.

More or less spontaneously I decided to join a 12K training run arranged by the Danish facebook running club and at 5:30PM I met up with 3 other people for a 12K, 6 minute average training run.

Running with other people and talking was good fun in General, but it did impact my technique in a bad way. I caught myself with sloppy technique several times. It seems I am not quite strong enough technically to run with other people. Mostly I fell back into a rhythm with too long strides, sloppy legwork and to low cadence. something my Achilles tendons and calves have been paying for, judging by the soreness I feel right now.The strain under the arch of my foot even returned occasionally, but overall I came through all right given the distraction of talking and all. Even got to discuss minimalist running with another runner, who seems to be further down the path than I am.

The route was a great mix of paved roads, annoying traffic lights and slippery park trails with plenty of wet slushy snow. Here the barefoot technique came in handy. the two of us running barefoot style did not have any issues with the slippery trials, but the regular runners had a bit of a hard time staying on their feet especially when having to round a bend or corner.

Pace was a very leisurely 6ish minute average which meant a heart rate on the relaxed side of things, cadence was a barely acceptable 181SPM. I added 10K of biking getting to and from our starting point, so overall a very nice run, save for my sloppy technique.

Only 5 K from the first 100K of full time barefoot style running now 🙂

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