Another 6K and a bad run (917K to go):

Weather today was actually not that bad. sunny and -12C, rather windy though and a chill factor of -24,7.

Maybe not the obvious running weather, but normally I really like to run in weather and temperatures like this.

I took a slight detour from my normal run and right from getting out I could feel that something was not quite right.

My five fingers did not feel quite right on my feet, my feet felt sore and my calves were stiff and for the first time ever I had a really hard time finding my pace and my rhythm.

Kind of hard not to guess that I had an off day coming. I decided to push on and see how things would pan out.

The first two K I could tell from my running and feet that I was out of style and doing all the wrong things.

I was forcing my body too far forward and dropping my head, making for a slight bend in the hips and a disturbed rhythm and foot placement.

ANd these bad news just keep on, after 3K I paced down and finally got my running style somewhat under control.

Cadence was OK end to end  on this race, but pace was not up to my usual standards.

As I reached the end, my right calf was (and still is) rock hard and my feet felt sore.

Bad runs are a reality for everyone, but this was my first real off day since going full time barefoot style. I chose to push through and run to the end, but in retrospect, I should not have been running today.

Ohh well, next run will be back to normal 🙂


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