Gorgeous snowy and icy 6K (623K to go)


Already when walking to the gym this morning I knew that should time permit just after work, then I would have a run home with some amazing light and with a little luck even a section of low tide ice flake jumping pitched in 🙂

Luckily time did permit and after the now usual comments from my boss (a very successful triathlete) about my fivefingers being just a fad, plain silly and stupid looking. Comments I take as friendly banter, I zoomed out the door, past the 1.5K of ice/snow/pebbled pavement and and towards the nordic skiing trail to make my way home,

The Snow on the skiing trail have become very densely packed by now and i had several sections where I barely had snow covering my toes, but luckily also a few amazing sections of deepish soft powdery snow.


I did make a slight detour as it was low tide and with the wind was coming in from the North, a massive amount of ice flakes will likely be lying stacked along the rocky shore, making for a whole heap of fun ice flake jumping for a few hundred meters.

Well “how much fun can 2-300 meters be?” you might ask. Well when you are jumping, sliding balancing on slippery snow covered ice flakes ranging from the size of a football to the size of a large dining table, all resting either in shallow water or on the rocks revealed by the tide, it can be “HEAPS OF FUN!” 🙂 Especially because some of them are quite unstable.

I have been weary of doing it in the past, but wearing my KSO I had enough ground feel with the ice to make it challenging and exhausting but also heaps of fun for a while.


The way back up and home was steep, but I was so energized from the fun section that the trip home felt light on feet and amazing. My running style got a tiny bit sloppy at a point, but the upside to nearly not wearing shoes is you notice real quick.

Upon arrival home, time said 30 minutes and 20 seconds. Distance read 6,01K.

Cadence averaged out to 192 SPM, which is in the ok range for me. and heart rate felt OK save for a few spikes while running two of the uphill sections.

Last week was from a barefoot point of view of a little high mileage, especially as I had two snowboarding session over the weekend too. Something my calves and thighs definitely can feel. Thus i am quite certain that tomorrow will be a rehab day for me running wise.

I thin my running style or form as everybody seems to call it is improving by the day, now I just have to be patient enough to let my legs get back to their usual self after a very tough weekend.

Ohh and I am really getting VERY fond of the KSO as a winter running shoe, amazing ground feel and stability.

But why not conclude this post with an image of the shoreline section where i had so much fun 🙂


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