A fast, sunny, cold and snowy 6,5K run (929K to go

Well saturday morning in Nuuk, Greenland was spend doing anything but thinking of running. Low overcast clouds made for a flat and borign light

The plan was to take my new pow stick and go do some groomer runs for a first dial in of bindings, boots, stance and all. Spend a few hours with friends hitting groomers and the surfy pow stick did surprisingly and well once satisfied we decided to drive back home.

It will be amazing to get it into pow country soon šŸ™‚

After around an hour at home the sun decided to peak through and the wind to pick up, but conditions looked amazing for a quick afternoon run šŸ™‚

I quickly strapped into my very old and worn KSO’s and hit the road or ice/snow/pebble mix that covers all the roads and sidewalks. I felt quick and light on my feets today and being back in the ultrathin KSo’s made for another amazing sensory experience feeling every contour in the snow/ice/pebble mix was an amazing experience this time. It is amazing hwo much ground feels add to any experience and how much of it ordinary shoes remove of this experience. after around 3K of fast and relatively steep ice/snow/pebble mix, I turned off the road and on to the Nordic skiing trail home. Keeping my old shod half marathon pace became really hard, but the amazing sensory input kept me going, as did the many skiers that I began to meet. I hit road again for the last 1K home The transition from various snow in all it shapes and densities, was repalced by the very hard, ice/snow/pebble mix and was able to finish the steep uphill section in my former shod pace.

Average pace for the 6,5K was 4:40, and an average cadence of 201 SPM, that is fast, the best par is that a too high heart rate aside it felt comfortable for my feet.

Add to that that it was my first time breaching the 30K a week barrier as a full time barefoot runner and that in my 3rd week. I cannot even begin to understand the massive change my running has gone through in such a short time. Of course the transition and traing for this move started back in September 2011 and I have been using five fingers for much longer as gym and sprint run shoes, but still I am amazed.

Running now seems to have gone from being about time and pace, to gravitate around sensory input, running style and fun.The very diverse and mixed winter terrain in Nuuk makes for such a diverse and varied input, I am now starting to look wonder what the raw mountains and rocks will feel like under my feet when running.

In all honesty my feet feels a little tired now and they are elevated to recover for another snowboarding session tomorrow. Think I will take out the mini and just cruise groomers, perhaps see if I can still do 360’s on it šŸ™‚

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