Deep powdery snow, evening sun and 11K worth of pure joy (935,5K to go):

NWP12_WEB_002The last day and a half has been with snow falling, slowly and steadily. so seeing the sun breaking through the clouds during the day, I just knew today would be one of those magic running days. Wind was picking up as I set out, but with otherwise amazing weather, it did not really matter.

Luckily I had a bag full of running clothes and my favourite winter terrain five fingers with me. As work was done I jumped into my running clothes and set out on a route down the steep airport hill and then along what a good day or two ago would have been a nordic skiing trail, but now a mix of powdery snow, crusty snow, ice and everything in between.

It is hard to explain why running barefoot (or close to) so quickly has become soo addictive to me, but in terms of winter running in mixed terrain it is easy to explain.

The massive amount of sensory feed back from my feet as I run over, or through, the wide variety of textures is nothing short of amazing. Soft powdery snow being squeezed between my toes, the feel of a crisp snow layer bursting as I carefully weight each foot while running, and all of the surprises hidden beneath the snow. hard rock, butter smooth ice, frozen vegetation.

As i got closer to central Nuuk and ran across the lake with the multi coloured houses, I bumped into a good amount of skiers getting ready for Arctic Circle Race (one of the toughest Nordic Skiing races around) friendly nods or comments were exchanged as we zoomed past each other. The friendly atmosphere among running and skiing enthusiasts, hikers and everything in between, was another boost of energy.NWP12_WEB_003

Off the trail and another 4K of pavement, ice, snow and pebbles mix later it was time to evaluate, what seemed like an energizing and amazing run.

Snow depth between from 2-7K was anything from a few centimetres when best to knee high when worst and that did quite clearly slow on both cadence and pace, the deepest sections had me down to a 6:20 pace and a cadence of 160 Steps per minute. For the rest of the run I was back to 195 SPM average and my new normal pace of 5:10 average. Heart rate is back to my running normal and the form felt very good overall.

I think the big thing for me right now is working on being able to run longer distances again, today i broke the 10K limit for the second time barefoot style and it feels amaizng to be back running normal distances again, but i still miss my +20K runs. But i suspect they will come soon enough.

And while i love the fact that my feet look like in the last picture of this post and the sensation of running in snow, then I am deerly looking forward to strap back into my KSO or seeya and better ground feel again.



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