a 6K with lots of snow (946,5K to go):

Today was an absolutely amazing run.

Snow had been falling since yesterday, temperature a steady -10C and little wind to speak of. given yesterdays poor performance of the Speed XC, I opted for a regular the regular Speeds, as they have a little thicker upper than say the seeya to give just a little warmth when running deep snow.

The run itself went from the airport down a steep and very slippery hill, into the terrain along the nordic skiing trail to down town Nuuk. Plenty of deep soft powdery snow with patches of firm snow.

I passed several skiers and a few hikers along the way, exchanging quick “have fun”s or “enjoy your workout”s. The friendly and pleasant atmosphere in Nuuk seems to reach the trails too.

Cadence and running style are improving rapidly, this being my first two consecutive days of running made it a little interesting, but it went very well, with no ill effects.

What really amaze me is how effortless running is beginning to feel, there is still plenty of room for improvement and my muscles still needs to grow strong enough for long distance running (as in more than 10K), most of which will come when it gets warm enough to strip off the five fingers completely, after all true barefoot is probably the easiest way to learn.

Heart rate was a bit high today, but the deepish snow is partially to blame I think, so overall I am not to worried about it.

Pace is OK’ish for winter conditions, with plenty of snow and ice. I am not quite satisfied with the pace, but I will rather sacrifice a little pace now and get my running style dialled in alright.

The first 50K as a full time barefoot (and/or five finger runner) has passed now and while I have been more than a year underway in terms of running style and been wearing five fingers for short runs, gym sessions, vacation hiking, etc. for years, then running bare foot full time is a different story.

The journey however is surprisingly easy on my feet and the transition way faster than expected. In fact, I just may think that running barefoot is the gentlest way to run in general 🙂


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