7,5K of of snow and strong wind (952,5K to go)

Arrived in Nuuk, Greenland again today adn what better thing to do when the weather outside says snow, gusts up to 40 knots and -5C than to strap on a pair of five fingers (the new Speeds XC waterproof one and take it for a test run?

7,5K of steep hils, and running conditions from blank ice to 20cm of powdery snow, which a bit of paved road mixed in. So a pretty good mix of winterly conditions.

Run was overall a load of fun, I love running in conditions like this.

Pace and running style was good, I can feel how my feet, ankles and calves are progressing quickly now. Cadence a touch lower than normal, 190 Steps per minute, but I would write that off to the combinations of hills and wind.

more of these runs are more than welcome 🙂

A quick first impression of the Vibram Five Fingers Speed XC:

The Speed XC from vibram are marketed as a trail version of the five fingers speed and the sole is surely both a lot thicker and stiffer than what I know from my other five fingers (KSO, Seeya, Speed) and from a feel point of view I much prefer the seeya (amazing shoe) or the KSO. But for trail and the conditions today the weatherproof upper and grippier sole seemed a good idea. while the sole is very different from the more minimalist five fingers like the KSO or Seeya, as in stiffer and more padded, they did seem to retaining a lot more ground feel than say a pair of nike free 3.0, while doing an excellent job masking pebbles and other stuff, so I suspect they really will do very well when running off trail too.

The only downside to the speed XC on this run was oddly enough its waterproof upper, I always run barefoot in my five fingers and the Speed XC seems to be more of a sock version, as my feet by the end of the run was very wet and sweaty. which in turn lead to blisters on the side of my foot, a first for me wearing five fingers. I will try squeezing in a pair of toe socks next time to see if that helps.


I am now almost 50K down the full time barefoot or minimalist running road, it is quite rewarding and seems to be very much the right path for me.

Best part is that my ankles are now totally pain free when running and that I find quite amazing 🙂


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