The first 5K (995K to go)

The first 5K came easy, much easier than expected given the temperature of -5C and the fact that I ran completely barefoot.

Copenhagen set the scene for the run and odd stares from other pedestrians aside, it was a most liberating experience.

An experience that easily ironed out some of the issues I have had with my running style for months and that in minutes.

the first half kilometre was very cold on my feet, but soon my feet warmed up. Around 2K I began notising a slight pain under the arc of my left foot, but a slight adjustment to the angle of my foot when catching my steps made it go away instantly.

At around 5K my feet were beginning to sore seriously and it was time to stop running.

Getting back in I had slight skin punctures under two toes and my feet were REALLY cold, but other than that no problems.

A for me remarkable and liberating 5K, among the most amazing runs I have had ever and the run that if anything cemented the 1000 barefoot kilometre goal.

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