another 7,5K of ice, snow and pebbles (980K to go):

OK, Thursday today and I have just completed another 7,5K of the same Ice, snow and pavement mix in Nuuk and yes there was still a ton of super annoying pebbles all over.

I actually have developed small black and blue marks from them under my toes and forefoot, the KSO’s prevented skin punctures though 🙂

Upside to all of this though is that I discovered running smooth ice while a little tricky is soo much easier when running barefoot. the fact that you run with foot placements just below your center of gravity and do not push off, but lift your feet, takes away that tiny off balance thing that would normally make ice difficult.

heartrate was high today again, but I pushed it harder than monday too, so I would count it as an improvement.

I am approaching my normal training pace again, not quite there yet, but overall ok. I shaved 15 seconds off to an OK’ish 5:05 average.

Cadence increased a touch on this run to a 195 steps per minute average and while it is about the right cadence for me, it really puts my thighs and calves at work. Not to mention my feets, my middle foot is getting stronger with each run, so far around a  1K increase per run in terms of when i start to feel my middle foot getting tired, lets hope it continues this positively

all in all it seems that the year spend transitioning from full on comfy cushioned running shoes to minimalist shoes really is making this bare foot transition easier.

Managed to give at least two couples a good scare on my run again, one of them could have been avoided if I had remembered to warn them though 🙂

I have said it before, but the feel from running barefoot even though it really is hard work right now it is highly addictive addictive too. The sensory feedback from my fees while running is really adding a new dimension to the running experience 🙂

7,5K of Ice, snow and pavement (987,5K to go)

Today’s run took place in Nuuk, Greenland. Temperature still a leisurely -5C or so, but today’s run would be on primarily hard ice and snow, with patches of pavement and all of it covered in fine pebbles (1-5 mm in diameter) in anything from a dense layer to just a few pebbles here and there. In other words, not exactly barefoot friendly and would I later learn quite painful. of much the same reason I climbed in to a pair of well worn Fivefinger KSO’s and decided on a very well known 7,5K route.

The first few hundre meters were still very cold, but having a few mm of vibram rubber between me and the road made all the difference to me and I quickly warmed up.

The stinging pain under the arch of my foot returned at around 2K again, reminding me that I was pushing too hard with my toes and not focusing enough on lifting my feets off the ground. and on the angle of my foot when catching my steps. Forcing myself to focus again made the pain go away and actually made for a very pleasant run.

Only downside today was the pebbles, for the most part it seem my foot were able to swallow most of the pebbles without any pain, but the last K home my feet were too tired and after the shower I noticed to black bruises one on each of my big toes.

I think A pair of slightly more padded fivefingers like the Speed is probably a better fit for this kind of surface

Pulse was way higher than usual even though pace was slower than usual for such a short distance. Cadence was slightly higher than when wearing shoes too, about 190 on today’s run and with a little bigger spread than last time thanks to the steep hills.

Running barefoot still feels like a total different experience and I am hooked like never before 🙂

Just have to work on not scaring the sh*t out of people when passing them. apparently you do not really make any sound at all when running barefoot, so people do not really notice that you are there until you pass by them. I had an unusually high number of surprised pedestrians today, but it is something to be aware of.

The first 5K (995K to go)

The first 5K came easy, much easier than expected given the temperature of -5C and the fact that I ran completely barefoot.

Copenhagen set the scene for the run and odd stares from other pedestrians aside, it was a most liberating experience.

An experience that easily ironed out some of the issues I have had with my running style for months and that in minutes.

the first half kilometre was very cold on my feet, but soon my feet warmed up. Around 2K I began notising a slight pain under the arc of my left foot, but a slight adjustment to the angle of my foot when catching my steps made it go away instantly.

At around 5K my feet were beginning to sore seriously and it was time to stop running.

Getting back in I had slight skin punctures under two toes and my feet were REALLY cold, but other than that no problems.

A for me remarkable and liberating 5K, among the most amazing runs I have had ever and the run that if anything cemented the 1000 barefoot kilometre goal.